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Miracles and Misuse Interactive Story (Mimis)

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Image of Miracles and Misuse Interactive Story (Mimis)

This is an interactive story where on every page of the book, it tells you a scenario and you are given 4 options of what the protagonist Sasha should do next. Once you choose an option, you go the page specified.

This compliments the book Miracles and Misuse, a long novel.

Sasha is a ghetto person from the endz. She has good intentions, but hangs around the wrong crowd. She's a councillor for her city, so she has the opportunity to help rid her city of crime and provide opportunities for young people. Angels from heaven grant her magical powers for seemingly no reason, and she tends to recklessly use them for her own gain, by rewriting her mistakes in illegal or illogical ways. Her daughter Sabrina is no better, and they both have to draw a line between what is right, and what is expected of them.